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Kingston Grandmother Connection is not directly involved in running support programs for our grandmothers, but we like to stay informed about initiatives in their communities. Here is one example.

The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign quilt will be complete in May 2023.

Within the quilt are contributions from nine of the SLF's community-led partners in Africa. Creating leaves and border pieces for the quilt brought an opportunity for grandmothers to reflect on their unending commitment to their grandchildren, and to find creative ways to symbolize their role as family and community leaders.

Grandmothers from Nyaka, a community-led organization in Uganda, chose a kitenge fabric for their leaves. "Kitenge is one of the longest surviving fabric designs in Uganda, and a design and fashion that the grannies thought had lasted long, and would depict the lasting love they had for their grandchildren." 

Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA) in South Africa created a border piece for the quilt. "We used a lattice-type design to represent the network of support and care provided to and by our grandmothers. It also embodies our GAPA motto: Together we are stronger."

                                     Stephen Lewis Foundation

Photo provided by Nyaka/Uganda

Photo provided by Linda McLaren/Dartmouth Grannies

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