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Kingston Grandmother Connection is not directly involved in running support programs for our grandmothers, but we like to stay informed about initiatives in their communities. Here is one example.

At 82 years of age, MaLong is raising eight of her seventeen grandchildren. She manages to pay to send three of them to high school with the money she earns as an informal entrepreneur. Several days a week she rises before the sun to collect cans and cardboard from her community to sell to a recycling truck that passes through town occasionally. Other days she brings her donkey down the mountain to the community tap to haul water back up to her village, which she then sells for a small convenience fee. Finally, she has a beautiful garden that she sells vegetables from - and which she fully attributes to the skills she learned through Help Lesotho's Grandmother Program.

                                                    Help Lesotho 2023

MaLong Pitsi March 2023 (5).jpg

Photo provided by Help Lesotho

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