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Kingston Grandmother Connection is not directly involved in running support programs for our grandmothers, but we like to stay informed about initiatives in their communities. Here is one example.

Stronger Together

A group of ten grandmothers in Berea, Lesotho formed a support group during their time in Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Program a couple of years ago. Together they started a group savings program for themselves.


In November 2023, they made a bulk purchase of 30 large bags of fertilizer with their savings.

Each grandmother received three bags to nourish their crops and improve their yields. On the day the fertilizer was delivered to their village, the grandmothers dressed in their nicest Seshoeshoe dresses to mark the occasion. They are incredibly proud of themselves!

           Help Lesotho December 2023

Berea Grandmothers for Projects.jpg

Grandmothers from Berea, Lesotho.

Photo provided by Help Lesotho

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