COVID-19 has of course changed our plans for fundraising during 2020. 

However, the needs of the Grandmothers in Africa remain, and are certainly exacerbated by this pandemic, so behind the scenes our determined members are thinking and planning for better days. Follow us here for highlights!

Co-Chair Joanna hosted a used book sale at her apartment building and raised $628.00! Member Gail hosted a Fall Plant Sale in her carport, raising about $650.00, and member Marian had ladies shop for pre-loved clothing in her driveway, raising $1,500.00. Sylvia's sale of Nature Photo Note Cards (and more) on Sept. 26 raised $1,796.00! And, our NEW On-Line Store is open NOW, until December 10, with new items being added every few days. 

Stay tuned, stay in touch, stay safe and healthy all.

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