COVID-19 of course changed our plans for fundraising during 2020. And we aren't exactly sure yet how 2021 will unfold. But we're excited for Spring.

The needs of the Grandmothers in Africa remain, and are certainly exacerbated by this pandemic, so behind the scenes here our determined members are thinking and planning for better days.

A number of "driveway sales" were held in the fall of 2020, raising close to $4,600.00 for our Grandmothers and we plan on more of these in May and June this year, with COVID precautions in place. Our On Line Store surpassed $12,000.00 in net revenue in 2020, and we're open again, for Easter, Spring and Mothers' Day shopping, closing May 14, 2021. We have lots of new products. Stay tuned here for updates and follow us on Facebook.

We'll keep adapting, just like our grandmothers in Africa.....

Stay tuned, stay in touch, stay safe and healthy all.

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